Barely Living EP (Aug 2014)

by Saltless Dinners

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Raquel R
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Raquel R Encapsulates discontent through sweet, folky tunes Favorite track: Barely Living.
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The first track off the EP "Barely Living" has been featured in Allston Pudding's latest October 2014 mixtape. The mix has a ton of other great tracks, so go check it out! -


released August 18, 2014



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Saltless Dinners Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Barely Living
Alone in the city dark
A passing dust on your wall
A stranger still strange now
And someone keeps stealing my cough
medicine and my coat
I guess now the rain can sink into my bones
and my voice will strain, like the river flows on
I still need someone to wake me up
who’ll stay through the glow of the morning light shudders
and the haze of the afternoon’s sun
that blinds the night's eye
We're barely living now
Just passing dust on your walls
Track Name: Folk Song (Police State)
My towns a police state
So lets go out and celebrate
How all our lessons are learned
The second we make mistakes
Oh officer I'll be good one day
when I'm out of this cage
My towns a police state
So let's stay in and celebrate
How all our secrets are stored away
For years and years,
but in good hands
I feel safe no thanks to you
Oh officer I'll be good one day
When I'm out of this cage
That you put me in
Tonight they placed a curfew
Said I couldn't come to see you
Now when I sleep at night I dream
Of what it use to to mean to live
Oh officer I'll be good one day
when I'm out of this cage
That you put me in
But you're in it too
Track Name: Carry On
When I die
Everyone will lose site of me
And I will lose site of them
All of the dreams that we had
Will turn into dust
Or some form of energy
That you carry around like the plague
As you try to forget your memories
And all our friends will write new songs
And sing "everyone carry on, carry on"
I'm made up of rubber bands
Dried up and cracked down the middle
Can't hold on to the salt anymore
I threw it back into the sea