Old Demos (Sep 2012)

by Saltless Dinners

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Miscellaneous demos recorded in various bedrooms over the course of 2 years.

More tracks coming soon!


released September 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Saltless Dinners Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Spruce Bringsteen
Don't write the same songs over again, there's something in the way you look for it; In card catalogs of call and answer - Everyone you know has got something that you need just to keep.
Track Name: Remembering (Anyone)
I never did find the love that left after you were gone. The mornings were strung out, and the nights too long. Remembering anyone; strangers all given the same names, that never once caught on; never once.
Track Name: Windows (Recorded Live)
There's no camera on my back; I'm made of canvas skin that will one day rust and dry out, along with my namesake. Oh but what a cruel cruel fate. I've learned my bones will help carry you home one day (In the midst of heartache). And In the back of a supermarket I'll sink into the gutter as a thought carried away. I wanna live for more than this, if we're all just heading towards the grey years; Where you'll lose your mind If you haven't already. Is it a lack of time, or just the confines of our small natures? If only I could watch you all the time,through a window of mine, and no one else's. But God's at a loss, we invented the crystal ball all on our own. One day you won't help but feel alone. You will have lost love and I've gained love, tore it all down just to end up in the same space.
Track Name: Unmade Bed (Recorded Live)
Oh what a mess, a mess that you've made. A wish you were granted, now you wish that you could take back, because all that you are is nothing at all. A sad excuse for a notebook with no pages at all. Now at least you have your time to be alone; to find a center, or a place that you could never call home.
Track Name: Bad Habits & Hand Me Downs
Well go ahead, plan to kill yourself for pity. But no one cares for social suicides anymore.They're outcast upon exiting, and ridiculed for returning (to the same old things). Blurring lines we made out from the start, you claim you were never out on the in between. We're making habits out of bad habits, your breaking rules you set out for yourself With hypocrisy and consumerism.Our fashion senses are going out of step, but these hand me downs still suit me just fine.
Track Name: Observations On Quantum Physics
Quantum physics reveal that particles know whether they are being watched by us, but I too know the feeling of your eyes behind mine.